Organic SEO services FAQ

SEO services FAQ

So you are considering purchasing SEO services, but you are new to SEO and want to understand more about what you get? Or you think your site’s rankings and customer engagement can be improved, but you aren’t sure how? You’ve come to the right place. We provided this organic SEO services FAQ (frequently asked questions) for creative services firms, artists, and small businesses.

The value to you of purchasing SEO services is greater visibility online. When people can find you, they can read your posts, buy your products, and contract your services. Your financial and time investment in Search Engine Optimization will be returned to you 100% with better sales and higher visibility online. 

1. What do SEO Services include?

The first thing you should know is that SEO consists of five primary tasks: strategy and researcha technical site reviewon-page SEOoff-site SEO; and maintenance and monthly reporting. Next, you should understand is the value in optimizing your website and off-site SEO. The value proposition for you is increased visibility online. This leads to more clients, customers, and readers, which leads to increased business and sales.

Thus, while the initial financial output may seem like a lot, you’ll get a 100% return on your investment over time, and then some, if you implement our recommendations and strategies consistently.

1.1. SEO Keyword Strategy and Research Description

This service consists of keyword research and analysis, and competitive analysis. We run tests on the site using software, and we manually review the site page-by-page. During this portion, we analyze current keyword usage; research current traffic and other website statistics; research new keywords; analyze competitors’ keywords; and identify link-building opportunities.

We examine the website’s data to understand the current status of the site online, and to determine what we can do to improve the website’s search engine results rankings. We take a few hours to complete this portion, and we include a written report as an output. The costs required to complete this task depend on the size of the site and the goals of the client.

1.2. SEO Technical Site Review and Implementation Description

We review the website for broken links, load speed, page size, mobile-friendliness, crawl errors, and any other problems. These tests review what search engine crawlers “see”. Keep in mind, we run these tests primarily with software, although we also examine the site and results to determine accuracy and to find solutions to the problems.

We use a 10-point checklist, and it takes a few hours to complete this task, including writing a report. The amount of time it takes to finish this section depends on the size of the website and the client’s requirements.

1.3. On-site SEO Description

We use a 26-point checklist for this service to determine the current state of the website as viewed by humans, mostly, and somewhat, by crawlers. Next, we look at the text, images, the overall look and feel (i.e., UI/UX), navigation, footers, the blog, brand look and feel, image optimization, and ALT tag descriptions, title tags, meta descriptions, etc.

We use both software and our eyes and experience to look over the site. It takes us a few hours to perform this service, including writing a report. Again, the amount of time we spend depends on the size of the site.

1.4. Off-page SEO Description

Once we have the primary website in good order technically and visually, we build up links from other websites to the client’s site. Our goal with this service is to check backlinks and to develop strategies to build links to the site and then implement those strategies.

We examine which social media are the most relevant for the client, and ensure the social media strategies integrate with the website to create a common identity for the brand. The amount of time we require for this service varies according to the goals and the budget of the client. Our output includes a written report listing marketing and online strategies to increase site rankings.

1.5. SEO Maintenance and Monthly Reporting Description

We provide this service as a means for the client to ensure the above work is monitored and maintained as search engines refine their algorithms and their competitors also adjust their online strategies. We have an entire page devoted to monthly SEO tasks. However, possible scenarios include:

  • Create an ad campaign and set monthly goals for it.

  • Set monthly goals for Google Analytics metrics and how you will achieve them. We have listed a few examples below.

    • on-page goals

    • technical goals

    • off-page goals

    • keyword rankings

    • search, referral, organic traffic

    • organic rankings

    • bounce rates

    • time on site

    • desktop vs. mobile visitors

    • conversions

  • Further goals may be specified, TBD.

The amount of time this service requires depends on the client’s goals and budget. The output is a computer-generated monthly or weekly report, and a written analysis of the computer-generated output. Please review our monthly SEO retainer page for further information about our custom monthly maintenance services.

We have listed our standard quarterly monthly and quarterly SEO retainers in a pricing table below.

2. What should I know before I buy SEO Services?

Prior to engaging our services for any of the above, we recommend two things:

  1. Understand our SEO services process.

  2. Purchase an SEO Audit.

3. Why should I purchase an SEO audit first?

The SEO Audit will help us to understand your business, your business goals, what is great about your current online strategy, and what needs work. We then examine your website and online (social media) presence to know what is great about your website, and what needs work. It forms the basis of the Scope of Work, which is the contract we sign when we agree on the work we will provide to you.

The SEO Audit is your chance to test the waters before you purchase a full SEO implementation. The output is a document that outlines what work you need done, and how much it will cost you for us to provide the work.

4. How much does an SEO audit cost and what do I get?

The Online Strategy portions look at the big picture of your business, your business goals, and how SEO fits into the larger picture. By understanding the digital part of your business strategy, we can provide you with better SEO for your website and online presence. When we perform the SEO audit, we review the five sections we detailed above, step through a checklist, and evaluate what work you should move forward on with your website and off-page SEO.

This includes, but is not limited to: a technical site auditwebsite analyticskeywordsUI/UXsocial mediaoff-site SEO, and monthly maintenance. We discuss these results. If you only want the audit and no other services, we create a report and provide a detailed analysis and a list of recommendations that you can take with you.

The SEO Audit creates a Scope of Work and contract so that we can implement the needed changes. Once we complete the SEO Audit, you are under no further obligation to continue with our services. The document is yours to keep.

SEO Audit Pricing Table by Number of Web Pages

SEO Audit Pricing

To repeat what we said earlier…the value to you of SEO services is greater visibility online. When people can find you, they can read your posts, buy your products, and contract your services. Your financial and time investment in Search Engine Optimization will be returned to you 100% with better sales and higher visibility online.

The SEO Audit lays the foundation for additional work. It is a great way for you to test the waters before you jump into the costs involved in a full SEO implementation.

5. How do I estimate the price of an SEO implementation?

Now that you understand the process, the types of available services, and what needs to be improved for your business on-page and off-page, it is time to understand the pricing structure. We have separate pricing for SquareSpace and some other managed hosting platforms, as the technical optimization is only partially possible. Please ask us for details.

How Should I estimate the SEO implementation

Our pricing is project-based. When we implement an SEO implementation plus messaging for the following services the cost runs about $175 per page, excluding very small pages like the contact page.

  • Keyword Strategy and Competitive Research

  • Technical Site Review

  • On-page SEO Implementation

  • Development of Off-page SEO strategies

If you choose a custom package and have a lot of text on your site, the price may be slightly more than our standard package. If you have a small amount of text on your site, the price may be slightly less. Again, this is an estimate, and the final quote may be more or less. These numbers give you a price with which you can create an estimate. This ballpark pricing does not include blog posts, only web pages.  Please call or email for a custom estimate. Your costs may be more or less, depending on the site and your needs.

Blog posts do price about the same as the per page pricing. We are happy to optimize your blog posts. However, we suggest you hire us to coach you on how to apply SEO to your blog posts yourself. It will save you money and enable you to be self-sufficient with your blogging in the future. As for the implementation of Off-page SEO strategies, those rates are TBD, depending on your needs. Please contact us so we can understand your requirements and your budget.

6. How much is quarterly and monthly SEO maintenance?

SEO maintenance prices start at $199/quarter for a basic SEO retainer. Our monthly SEO retainer is $249. What you need depends on your goals, your platform, and the available budget.

How much is quartile and monthly SEO maintence

Custom maintenance starts at $400/month. Call us or email us at hello@imp for a custom SEO maintenance estimate.

7. How do I purchase an SEO audit, implementation, and monthly maintenance bundle?

When you are ready to make a complete investment to increase your traffic and sales by bringing your ideal clients and customers to your site, then you will want the full package. What is the benefit to you and your business? This gives us the opportunity to do a complete audit and implementation, and then monitor and tweak the deliverables over time.

This provides you and your business with a more robust online presence. If the changes you need to make online require time and thought, this gives us the opportunity to create and implement a strategy.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 22.27.30.png


We love our clients. We love year-long contracts. Why? Because we can give you and your business the time and attention it needs to thrive online. A robust digital strategy that solves systemic problems cannot be solved overnight or in a few weeks or months. An audit or SEO implementation helps, but the real benefits occur when you sustain the investment over time by monitoring your online presence.

8. How do I sign up for one-on-one SEO coaching or group training?

As part of this service, the client or their employee will learn the basics of search engine optimization, how search engines work, the basics of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and understand Google’s webmaster guidelines and why they are important. We can teach you how to interpret Google analytics data, how to conduct usability tests, how to build links, traffic, and or any other topic covered by our existing SEO services.

One-on-one coaching, teaching, or advising on SEO is available on-demand ($125/hr) or as a package of 10 hours ($1125). Please call or email for a custom SEO one-on-one coaching or group training estimate.

9. How do I decide if your business is the right fit for me?

We love to see people succeed. Therefore, we are willing to work with you to create a budget and a strategy that suits your needs. We can do the work for you, advise you on how to do it, and/or coach an employee to do the work for you.

How do you know if we are the right fit for you?

We work best with a person and company who understands that results online take real effort and time. There are no gimmicks, no hard sales pitches, and no shortcuts. Just plain old boring sleeves-rolled-up hard work, the results of which eventually pay off.

10. What can you tell me about your previous clients?

We work with all types of businesses and websites, but we specialize in the creative industries. Our clients tend to have eCommerce, blogs, or professional services sites. The types of businesses have included: concrete contracting, art (oil paintings), education, law, wellness, event planning, fashion, interior design, lifestyle, photography, and pet grooming.

The common themes are professional services firms, creatives (artists), independent, and driven.

11. Can you do SEO on Squarespace or Shopify or ?

The fundamentals of website design and layout have been settled for a while. We can work on almost any platform. Most of our clients use the WordPress (self-hosted or managed), Squarespace, or Shopify platforms. We have worked on 3DCart and CrateJoy sites, as well. You can optimize any site for search engines with some exceptions.

Self-hosted sites, such as WordPress, provide the most control, as you can optimize the technical aspects of the site. Self-hosted WordPress allows you full control of all aspects of SEO, both technical and non-technical. Platforms such as Squarespace, Shopify, 3DCart, and CrateJoy allow you to do keyword strategy and research, on-page, off-page, and some maintenance, but not technical SEO.

We prefer WordPress, but we understand that each of you has to make a decision about which platform is right for you based on a variety of factors that are not our business. Rest assured, however, that you can still rank well on a non-WordPress site. Our clients’ traffic statistics and sales figures tell the truth of that statement.

If you use Squarespace, we optimize Squarespace using a checklist we created and made available to the public.

12. How do I learn SEO from you?

If you would like to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, then we have several short and concise articles that offer free SEO help. You can also sign up for one-on-one or group lessons with me.

13. Where are you located?

Perth , Western Australia , Miyazaki Japan , Cebu , Phillipines

Thank you for reaching out to us, and we look forward to speaking with you.